Where is the Bataclan?

The Bataclan was originally a grand Café concert of Chinese architecture, with the cafe and theatre on the ground floor, and a large dancing on the first floor. It represented vaudevilles of Scribe, Bayard, Mélesville, and Dumersan, and they gave also concerts.

The hotel, which opened its doors on February 3, 1865, is almost immediately bought by André-Martin Paris. During the war of 1870, the billiards rooms are used as “ambulance”. In 1881, the French Bigot invents the bigophone for the benefit comic, who sings “Mishmash” to Ba-Ta-Clan. This musical instrument will experience during more than fifty years a huge celebrity in France and Belgium and hundreds of bigophoniques companies emerge and thrive. Ba-Ta-Clan, the first review is presented in 1883, and operetta two years later. The singer Paulus buys in 1892 the establishment. Harry Fragson, Aristide Bruant, or even Buffalo Bill occur there. In 1897, taken over by Max Dorfeuil, it welcomes Dranem and Félix Mayol.

The Bataclan

The Bataclan

In the years that follow, the room knows various fortunes, according to changes of owner, with a new vogue after 1910, thanks to a restoration of the Hall and programming dedicated to mounted journals in particular by José de Berys (Maurice Chevalier knows his first successes). Dimmed by this success, the troupe of the Bataclan is exported for tours in South America that are catastrophic financially.

In 1926, the room is resold and turned into cinema. She became theatre the following year with Henri Varna, then new cinema, speaking this time around, in 1932. She is a victim of a fire in 1933 that destroyed including a part of the balconies. The original building was partially destroyed in 1950 to conform to new safety standards. In 1969, the cinema closed its doors.

The Bataclan found his vocation of theatre in 1983, thanks to Director André Engel8. Rather Rock ‘ no Roll, it will be a landmark post-punk as described by Alain Pacadis. Façade has regained in 2006 the original colors that it had lost since long, even though its pagoda roof no longer exists.

The Bataclan was led since 2004 by Jules Frutos and Olivier Poubelle. Today, it is distinguished by an eclectic activity leaving shows, dinner, disco, but above all to the concerts. The Bataclan has seen (on stage or spectators) greats of music, song and comedy.

In September 2015, the Bataclan was acquired by Lagardère Unlimited Live Entertainment, a subsidiary of the Lagardère SCA group, headed by Arnaud Lagardère.

On November 13, 2015, during a concert by the Eagles of Death Metal and several other attacks took place in île-de-France, four terrorists enter the building and shoot into the crowd, composed of persons who were in the pit, before coolly cutting down the visible survivors, 89 killed and more than 100 injured.

Between 2007 and 2008, the Bataclan has made anti-Zionist group threats due to conferences or galas organized by Jewish organizations such as the Migdal and the Magav. The Eagles of Death Metal group which has produced the day of the attacks had stopped by Roger Waters, Pink Floyd frontman, advocate of Palestinian and supporter of the BDS movement. Khaled Mustafa, regarded by the Egyptians as the leader of Al-Qaida in Palestine, confessed in 2011 that “there of terrorism in France against the Bataclan” because, according to his accomplice, “[the Bataclan] owners are Jews.”

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