The new Mercedes-AMG, C 63 S Coupé – 510 HP by Spain

The Mercedes AMG C 63 S Coupé impressed with 510 HP and is intended to represent the “sportiest c of all time” according to manufacturer. And quite: the 4.0 litre V8 bi-turbo engine with 510 Horsepower with dynamic engine mounts, rear axle limited-slip differential and wider track front and rear axle with the AMG model promises’s longitudinal and lateral dynamics at a high level.

Mercedes-AMG C63S Coupe Compared to the production model of the c-class Coupé was already changed much for the variant from Affalterbach in the body, only the doors, the rear door and the roof are still parts of the series. The stem has been redesigned, the new fenders 64 mm broaden the vehicle front and 66 mm rear and the Aluminum hood with 2 Powedomes – currently about 60 mm longer. Under the sheet, the body structure was strengthened, making also the 70 kg extra weight compared to the AMG Sedan. In the wheel arches Wheelsets fit of 255 mm front, or 285 mm rear. “We are yet never so radically departed when designing an AMG model from the series”, it was said at the driving test by us locally.

The rear axle was newly developed incidentally for the AMG C Coupé with space bar concept and much more rigidity. An AMG-specific rear axle beam enables the wider track, where the contact surfaces of the wheel bearing to 25 mm wide moved outwards (as opposed to the sedan). In addition, independent wheel carriers were used. Minimally modified you should find this axis in the upcoming AMG variant of the next E-class of series 213.

Already visually you can see the top model three-dimensional AMG typical A-wing as the air guide element for the 3 ventilation slots, which in addition are optimized with flics already on the front with “Twin-blade” grille. Below the front gunner, a front splitter helps to reduce the buoyancy on the front axle. In the sidelines, one recognizes special sill covers on the rear cover, you can see a small tear-off edge, which looks not only elegant, but also provides for more downforce to the rear axle and others.

The model already comes with a sport exhaust system with exhaust flap, the optional performance system with 3 switchable exhaust flaps increased a still more typical V8 sound. The exhaust this sounds massively, making parallel not only for the AMG Coupé sports complex to the mandatory option when ordering.

Driving impression of the C 63 S Coupés

For our driving test we could test drive the vehicle in the environs of the Ascari race track in Spain for the first time. As a test vehicle, the top model with 375 was US kW / 510 HP provided when the model with 350 kW / 476 HP is available. Between the two engines, however, nearly 8,000 euros are difference – from 77.826 euros to 86.097 euros.

The top model from Mercedes-AMG, C 63 S – excited already from the pure technical data: 3.9 seconds to 100 km/h – slightly faster than the sedan, advance electronically limited to 250 km/h, 510 Horsepower and whopping 700 nm torque to the rear axle. Using AMG driver BB´s package rolls out the vehicle up to a maximum of 290 km/h.

The eight-cylinder from Affalterbach musing already idle, an aggressive roar of the engine comes on when accelerating. Alone the starting of the engine suggests a bit the force.

Whether you want to be on the road in the “sport +” mode, you should consider beforehand at the beginning, not only due to the firmer suspension tuning: more intense sport the driving program is selected, is also the electronic watchdog of ala ESP in “Sport”, “Sport +” or even “race” rather in the background and let the beast in the vehicle come out by the tail breaking off faster. A 4MATIC-Variante for the AMG there is no Coupé by the way deliberately, “which does not pass to the sports car driver” – and exactly in such a vehicle, we sit, we are that after the first meters of the road already aware.

Smallest pedal movements are immediately converted into driving, dynamic engine mounts very quickly adjust the stiffness to allow a more direct Steering response. The driving programs in SPORT and RACE mode must be so also experiences at the driver, with ESP Yes indeed anyone can.

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