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Motorola Moto G: Official CyanogenMod 13 available

Motorola Moto G

Users of the Motorola Moto G can look forward to the latest CyanogenMod. Since Moto is now available G of official CyanogenMod of 13 based on Android 6.0 for the first generation of Motorola Marshmallow. Thus, the latest Android version has now also the model. CyanogenMod 13 for the Motorola… Read more »

Moto G 2014: Motorola Begins with Android 6.0 Update

Android Marshmallow

One of the best producers as regards fast Android updates is Motorola, which once again Moto G of second generation wants to underpin this with the Motorola. For this mid-range Android Smartphone, Motorola has begun with the last test before the roll-out of the final version of the firmware in… Read more »

Moto G 2nd Generation: Soak Test Android 6 Runs Marshmallow

Moto G 2nd Generation

Good news for the owners of the Motorola Moto G from last year, which is known also with the addition of “2nd generation”. The Smartphone is to receive the brand new Android 6 Marshmallow, these days but still first soak test. Motorola does that at every major update of system,… Read more »

Moto G 3rd Generation: Runs Test for Android Marshmallow

Moto G 3rd Generation

Good news for the owners of the latest Moto G Motorola third-generation for the software update is 6.0 Marshmallow on Android almost before the door. Initially, Motorola has started but as always a so-called soak test of course again officially is not available for all users. Here the final firmware… Read more »