Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Stability Update [N910FXXS1COK2]

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 receives a stability update now again. The update is a security update in part stability update, and partly. Samsung has agreed after the thing with stagefright, to distribute monthly security update on various devices. According to the blog by Samsung, a lot of gaps to be been corrected in security update by November.
Samsung Galaxy Note 4
It is unclear whether the recently published vulnerability it is. Most recently revealed in Samsung’s Yes, base-band chip “Shannon” a vulnerability exists that allows you to silently listen to phone calls. There are new features except for one that I have discovered so far, no. It is now in the device information settings, so you can find the point now “patch level of the Android security”. This shows which security level you are up-to-date. I could not find more innovations.

The update takes the build number N910FXXS1COK2, was compiled on 11 November 2015 and is estimated to be only a few MB large. Furthermore the firmware is still based on Android 5.1.1.

Model: SM-N910F
Model Name: Galaxy Note 4
Version: Android 5.1.1
Build Date: 11.11.2015
Product Key: Germany / DBT
Modem: N910FXXS1COK1

N910FXXS1COK2 DBT [5.1.1]

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