Samsung Firmware (StockROM) Without Speed Limit Download

Slow Loading Those who have a Samsung smartphone and has dealt with rooting or flashing or eventually with the Odin program a Samsung wanted to install firmware, knows the problem: a strong speed limit will be lifted only with premium membership on all download sites out there. Annoying for the user who just run a 2 GB file to download. This program loads directly from the Samsung servers down which one has no long waiting.

The program is completely free and also legal. Everything you need to do so is a Windows calculator to find 3 files as well as an app and some information about the device out. In advance: It can be quite an old Android cleared devices such as the Galaxy S1 from the servers. According to the developers is up to now no model known by him, but that is not compatible.


You will need the two Microsoft tools for the program (otherwise it’s not)

  • .NET for Microsoft Framework 3.5
  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 redistributable package (x 86)
  • SamFirm Downloader

For questions or problems contact to the XDA-developers Forum.

So you downloaded the firmware:

  1. The two Microsoft tools installed
  2. SamFirm unzip or extract
  3. Run SamFirm.exe
  4. Find out with the free app Samsung phone info model and region
  5. Example: Model: SM-G920F, region: DBT
  6. Put hook in car
  7. Click to check update
  8. Download firmware (right side)
  9. After download to “Encrypt”
  10. Finished (files are located in the unzipped folder)

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