Reactions to the Attacks of Paris: Symbols of Sympathy

Public spaces and social networks are places where people of their grief over the attacks of Paris bring to express and gather in this sense. Them together is the desire to defend your liberal way of life, and this will light in three colors.

Bleu-Blanc-Rouge worldwide: the colors of the French flag have become a symbol for solidarity with Paris. World famous buildings with the Tricolore transmitted since yesterday: from the Opera House in Sydney about the Christ the Redeemer Statue in Rio de Janeiro to the wailing wall in Jerusalem. The Brandenburg Gate in Berlin at night lit in blue-white-red.

The tip of one World Trade Center in New York is lit in the colours of the Tricolore.

The tip of one World Trade Center in New York is lit in the colours of the Tricolore.

Tricolore in the social networks. Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook himself, makes it: his profile picture is the French flag after the Paris attacks.

Zuckerberg France Flag

So that as many as possible can imitate him, Facebook actively providing assistance with dye of own photos. Many people have already accepted the offer. Others see skeptical mass participation of this kind. Twitterer @silvereisen commented wryly: “on Facebook you paint again their profile pictures. Now everything will be fine.”

In addition to #PrayForParis, also the Hashtag is often used #PeaceForParis. With this line of French artist Jean Jullien had named a drawing, which has spread around the world since Saturday: when he heard on the radio by the terrorist attacks, he had access to the brush and spontaneously unites Eiffel Tower and Peacezeichen to a common symbol. He posted a photo of his drawing his accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It was split hundreds of thousands around the world, alone with Instagram, the picture got likes more than a million.

Happily, the “success” of his drawing make him but not really, says Jean Jullien of the American “time”. For the events in Paris, his place of birth, be too terrible.

But it was his concern that his image convey peace and solidarity. “And that seems to have done it”, as Jullien.

Also in Germany, were people of action and posteten photos of candles on window sills.

However, the Eiffel Tower in Paris remained dark. He is not only for visitors, but yesterday evening also waived the usual lighting. Also the a sign of sympathy with victims and families of the Paris attacks.

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