Pepsi P1: First Android Smartphone Officially Presented

Pepsi P1 2016
The Coca Cola competitors to the Samsung rivals? Pepsi is currently breaking this unusual way, because with the already before a few weeks alleged Pepsi P1 the American soft drink manufacturer is actually in the Smartphone market. A Crowdfunding campaign funded by the Pepsi-phone and come upon successful completion for converted approximately 190 euros in Chinese trade.

A look at the data sheet says upper middle class technology. The screen of the Pepsi P1 measures 5.5 inches on the diagonal, and brings the full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. That’s enough for a pixel density of sharp 400 ppi. Elegance radiates the slightly arched 2,5D-Glas of Pepsi-phones, we already know from devices such as the iPhone 6 or the Huawei Mate S also. Inside, fast Acktkern-SoC (MT6592) from the House of MediaTek used 450 MP4 GPU is accompanied by 2 GB of RAM and a Mali is a 1.7 GHz.

With 16 GB internal memory is indeed located at the lower end of the scale, you can extend but at least easily thanks to the microSD slot. The back-order camera MP resolves the Pepsi P1 with 13, the front camera still creates 5 MP on. The other facilities include also a 3,000 mAh large battery, a dual-SIM slot to use two SIM cards, as well as a fingerprint scanner that is installed on the back of the unit. Software-5.1 Lollipop, a unique manufacturer interface was laid over it, which is reflected inter alia Pepsis corporate colours running on the LTE Smartphone Android. Dimensions and weight of the Pepsi P1 are specified with 152.2 x 76.2 x 7.7 mm and 158 grams.

Pepsi P1: Crowdfunding campaign financing

The Pepsi P1 is made directly by Pepsi, but financed by the Shenzhen Scooby communication equipment co. and using a Crowdfunding campaign. It should come as little surprise, after all, a soft drink manufacturer Pepsi should have hardly the needed expertise, without external help a Smartphone on the market. The financing objective of Crowdfunding campaign amounted to equivalent approximately 439.000 euro. The target sum until 3 December 2015 is taken, the Pepsi P1 for the equivalent of 190 euros in trading to occur – an attractive price for the offered facilities. Early supporters have can secure the Pepsi P1 for only 72 euro, this so-called ‘Early Bird’ offers are now out of print.

Pepsi P1: Launch outside China unlikely

Remains the question why Pepsi ever brings an own Smartphone in China on the market? A tribute to the modern classic “Back to the future”, as has been suggested by us, not at least represents the Pepsi P1. Probably it’s just a clever publicity stunt of the U.S. Group: due to crowd financing Pepsi itself is taking no financial risk, but receives free advertising and remains in the conversation. A launch of the Pepsi P1 outside China might be but unlikely.

In this country we must hope so keep on the Bionade-phone for a better world – the Fairphone pays for it but just fine as the basis…

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