Panasonic “Post Focus”: Firmware update for subsequent focusing

Panasonic Post Focus Update

With the post-focus function, photographer sharpness levels of a subject you want to afterwards from a 4K photo series can select. Image: Panasonic

Panasonic get more features for photographers out of his 4K-Technik. After a firmware update they can sharpen the mirrorless system cameras GX8 G70 and the Superzoomer FZ300 quasi subsequently.

After a firmware update dominate the mirrorless system cameras GX8 and G70 and the bridge camera FZ300 the function “Post Focus”, as Panasonic. With their help, photographers can choose the sharp area of a photo even after the recording.

The camera created a 4K-Serienaufnahme with 30 frames per second. The resolution of individual photos lies with 3840 × 2160 pixels, which is a 8-megapixel image. During the recording, the camera according to the manufacturer determined up to 49 image areas with different sharpness level.

In playback mode, photographers then touch the desired focus range of subject via the touch screen of the camera. Then the recording as a separate photo can be saved. This will function as an alternative to the desktop with common video software. The camera stores the 4K-Serienaufnahme as an MP4 file. A Panasonic video showing the new feature in action.

“Post Focus” to help avoid false experiencable. In addition to bring greater security for macro photography, because photographers can set only in hindsight, where one or more levels of focus should lie.

The firmware update on the support pages of Panasonic is available now. The mirrorless top model GH4 focus should be retrofitted beginning 2016 with an update for post so Panasonic.

Subsequent focus light field technology

With the concept “only photograph, then sharpen” the startup Lytro caused a stir in the last few years. The company developed a camera that works with light field technology for this. Each individual pixel on their sensor captures not only the light intensity, but also the direction of the light.

2014, Lytro with the illum introduced the second generation of its light-field cameras. The manufacturer specifies the resolution of the light field with 40 Megarays. The illum to can differentiate so the direction of incidence, color and intensity of 40 million light rays. The recordings of the illum come on a comparatively low resolution of 4 megapixels.

Until the beginning of November the company announced to deliver content for VR glasses. The devices were so far no wide use on the market.

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