One Direction steal the show at Apple Music Festival

One Direction were given an enthusiastic reception from fans when the fourth night of the Apple Music Festival in London headlining.

The boy band opened their set with in front of a packed audience at the Roundhouse in Camden Steal My Girl.

Liam Payne said: “It’s incredible to see here to be Thank you for coming down here to us it is the first time that we played in London for years …”

The band, who take due to an interruption for at least one year from March, had previously announced the title and release date of the new album in a video message.

Made In The AM will be released on 13 November.

It follows the huge success of Drag Me Down – released the first single from the album – which topped the British charts, rose to third place in the Billboard chart in the US and global streaming broke records.

Set the band included songs from their four previous albums.

Fans who had camped outside for 24 hours to get their hands were on unclaimed tickets thanked the band.

Payne said: “You guys really are the best fans in the world and those who are not fans.

“It was an amazing 5 years – thank you so much.”

A spectator named Chloe, had a birthday surprise when Harry Styles spotted the banner.

He and his bandmates led the 2,000 spectators in singing Happy Birthday to her.

Styles: “I apologize if I seem a little distracted My sister is out on a date – Behave yourself – it’s disgusting.”.

Payne added, “We’re all watching you.”

The band played on a simple stage with a backing band and red lighting.

Fans shut as they played some of their greatest hits, including Story of My Life, What makes you beautiful and Drag Me Down.

Canadians Monica Sabourin and Caitlin Duffy-Cummings, who now live in London, carried banners for Harry Styles.

Sabourin said, “I think tonight was Harry styling.”

“I think they are good for four, they are better than a four – I saw five,” she added, referring to the departure of Zayn Malik earlier this year.

How Styles blew the couple a kiss to the fans on the balcony, Cummings-Duffy said: “I have a big crush on Niall but I’m too old for him.”

The band closed their set with one-hour best song of all time.

When they leave the stage, Payne said, “Thank you so much for letting us We love you, thank you ..”

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