Moto G 3rd Generation: Runs Test for Android Marshmallow

Moto G 3rd GenerationGood news for the owners of the latest Moto G Motorola third-generation for the software update is 6.0 Marshmallow on Android almost before the door. Initially, Motorola has started but as always a so-called soak test of course again officially is not available for all users. Here the final firmware is tested again, but just under real-world conditions.

The firmware is OK and shows no major bugs, the correct distribution of OTA begins quite fix following. But we know too much time can pass between soak test, distribution of firmware and installing the firmware on the equipment of the users.

This is why Motorola is for some time in the criticism, because so fast most users not get the newer versions of Android, how one may often still believe.

When exactly the distribution of the final Android 6.0 update starts and arrive in Germany, one can only guess and will be probably anyway wrong.

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