Moto G 2nd Generation: Soak Test Android 6 Runs Marshmallow

Moto G 2nd Generation
Good news for the owners of the Motorola Moto G from last year, which is known also with the addition of “2nd generation”. The Smartphone is to receive the brand new Android 6 Marshmallow, these days but still first soak test. Motorola does that at every major update of system, previously for many users to test whether the firmware works really smoothly. Then, you will distribute the system update final international to all users.

Unfortunately, it takes that always a while. Until you receive the OTA update with Marshmallow on your device, even the one or the other month in the country can go so in case of doubt. So rejoice, remain still patient. We then find out more or start the final update, we are warranted of course.

Certainly, the firmware of the soak test will end up in the next few days in the well-known forums such as XDA.

A few days ago, the soak test ran already for the Moto G 3th generation.

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