Mercedes GLS 500: First Ride

The Mercedes-Benz GLS gets new engines and a fresh face. How he beats in the desert, clears up a ride in the 455 HP of strong GLS 500.

Dunes are no problem for the mature GLS 500. The SUV even through the sand can be drifting in off road mode.

Dunes are no problem for the mature GLS 500. The SUV even through the sand can be drifting in off road mode.

In fact, the GLS is a major facelift of the GL. And so he remains an extended derivative of the M-class, which now runs under the name of GLE. The Department has modified especially the front end. Front fenders, hood and headlamps present themselves in a new look, the front apron stands out significantly especially in the AMG variants of the previously boxy language of forms of. The changes to the front end are absorbed by a new rear apron and the rear lights look modern than previously.

The dashboard was almost unchanged from the GL, however, the Central screen now visibly protruding from the center console, and the accompanying Luftausströmer remind a little of the Porsche Cayenne. The armrest also presents itself in new style, to make room for the dynamically designed metal element, which has a touch-sensitive input area. What – has not changed except for the touchpad – that is the control logic for most functions. The GLS can not quite hide his age also in the Interior. The successor will make only a big step, currently under the internal name X 168 production towards is the.

However, the facelift was worth. Because under the sheet, Stuttgart in many places have done fine work reflected in again better handling characteristics. The engines of the regular Mercedes-Benz models are now linked to a nine-speed machines. Available options are a 258 HP of strong three-liter V6 diesel engine in the GLS 350 d, a 333-HP strong three-liter V6 gasoline engine in the GLS 400, as well as a 445 HP of strong 4.7 l V8 engine in the GLS 500. Only the top engine stays with the seven-speed automatic transmission – but the 63 AMG GLS is motorized so lush that the missing two ducts in the weight to fall with its 585 HP and 760 nm torque.

The version 2003s – if not exactly economical with an average consumption of 10.9 litres per 100 kilometres – is the GLS 500, with which we were travelling on the border from Nevada to California. He shakes his performance from the sleeve loosely and quiet as a whisper. Only at full load presages a restrained rumble of the violence, waiting under the hood, to be unleashed. On asphalt to the Sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.3 seconds to succeed, is limited at 250 km/h. The new tuned air suspension fits particularly well to this machine, when the chassis engineers have again improved the comfort. The large, seven-seater SUV should be meet perfectly the needs of most customers. Who wants actually regularly with the great GLS in the terrain, which orders the 2261 euro offroad technology package. It plows the great GLS effortlessly through the Dumont dunes in the Mojave desert and fights also climbs easily up.

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