LG Watch Urbane 2

The LG watch urban 2 / 2nd sounded Edition on paper after a very interesting Smartwatch. So it should be but the first model with Android wear, offers the LTE as an interface. Also the round OLED display with 480 x 480 pixel resolution as 768 MByte memory generous for a wearable had made me curious already. Now a quality problem has surfaced but, that needs to be obviously quite drastically. Because LG has pulped urban second generation completely the worldwide release of the LG watch.
LG Urbane 2 Smartwatch
First, the American mobile operator AT & T had informed its customers about today that there is a problem with the LG watch 2nd Edition. Pre-order to receive a refund. Quickly increased the messages, according to which Verizon already draw up and pre-order was also notified that it could bid on the Smartwatch didn’t go as planned.

Meanwhile, LG problem has admitted and officially confirmed that the LG watch can come onto the market urban 2nd Edition didn’t go as planned. It remains vague on the talk of a “quality issue”. Details hide the mobile service provider as well as the LG itself. It is only clear that must have been a significant problem, if it warrants a complete deletion of the international publication.

In the United States, had begun AT & T last week to extradite the LG watch urban 2 to contract customers, but now takes back the devices, or recommends the return. Customers obtain a replacement of the same model but does not, but you can get the money back, or choose a different model of the Smartwatch.

Whether the LG watch urban 2 now at a later date will appear around the world or may even no longer comes on the market, LG would not say at this time. So or so it is for the manufacturer from South Korea to a bitter disappointment. the Smartwatch was anticipated due to the premiere of the combination on Android wear and LTE in hot.

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