iPhone 7: All Rumors About Specs, Release and Price

Nothing is as old as the last iPhone – and for this reason is already now diligently speculated about the upcoming iPhone 7. So you lose the overview not long before the release, we have put together the most exciting and hottest rumors for the next Apple Smartphone.

iPhone 7

The iPhone 7 exists only in concept images.

The name

While the iPhone 6s the name in advance of the release debated a long time, everything is clear with the iPhone 7 probably. That all of a sudden the title iPhone edge plus or iPhone 7 d out of the Hat will conjure up, is more than doubtful. The next Apple Smartphone is likely hot so with certainly iPhone 7, a larger Phablet subsidiary with the name iPhone 7 plus seems also to be used.

The price

For the price of the iPhone 7, there is still no exact information. At least in Germany, the Smartphone will be but not cheaper than its predecessor. In this country Apple beats on it namely properly because of the weak euro compared to the US price. Since Apple offers its new iPhones at least in the United States mostly at the same price as its predecessor, this should cost 649 dollars iPhone 7 in the entry-level version with 16 GB – if the 16 GB version is offered in 2016 at all yet.

The release date

The exact release date of a new iPhone model belongs mostly to Apple’s best-kept secrets. Even about the date for the keynote, when a new iPhone is presented, is always long before speculation on the Internet. The September 2016 is almost set for the unveiling of the iPhone 7, the exact date still remains open. Most recently, Apple unveiled its new smartphones always on a Tuesday or Wednesday in the second week of September. So, there are good chances for an Apple Keynote on 6 or 7 September 2016. two and a half weeks after the launch of the release of the new iPhone, is usually so maybe on 23 September 2016.

However, an alleged insider early November reported that Apple could bring forward the release date of iPhone 7 year 2016. However, an exact date was not specified.

The specs and features

To the technical data and possible features of the iPhone 7, there are naturally the most speculation. The chip in the iPhone 7 should listen to the name Apple A10 – rumored to the Californian group could be on a completely new architecture set and pay all six cores for the chip. For comparison, the A9 has only two cores in the iPhone 6 s. If the chip is again built by Samsung, seems to be according to recent speculation but still open.

After Apple had built into the iPhone 6 s first 2 GB memory, some experts for the iPhone 7 already expect the next increase. So, the well-known Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo expects that in the next smartphone from Cupertino 3 GB RAM perform their service.

Also on the display of the iPhone 7, rumors are circulating already. So it was late October could put Apple at its next Smartphone on OLED screens from Samsung. Also the assumption that Apple could create the physical home button the iPhone 7 is particularly popular in this context.

Finally, there are several rather misguided speculation to the next Apple Smartphone. So, the iPhone 7 according to a Chinese source should be waterproof. Also an art display airbag and a flatter headphone jack are talking.

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