iPhone 6s: Anger Over Lost Messages to iCloud-backup

The claims by iPhone 6 s owners are piling up: apparently, not only messages are lost after an iCloud backup but sometimes Safari data. A solution approach that should enable a clean backup not there is an official workaround yet, but.

iCloud Backup 9 2

iPhone 6s owners complain of lost messages after an iCloud backup. (© 2015 YouTube/Apple)

Lost messages, missing Safari data, missing health records more and more iPhone 6 s-user are obviously affected by this error. The reported AppleInsider. More and more users missing after importing a backup on the iPhone 6 s suddenly various data register in Apple’s support forums. What origin has, this bug is not settled yet. The error is however suggested in connection with different iOS versions of smartphones.

Different iOS versions on the iPhone may cause

Has the original iPhone on iOS 9.0.1 or later and the iPhone, on which the backup will be replayed to about iOS 9.0, there may be apparently problems in restoring the data to the new device. In turn, several observers represented another theory. You believe that produce iCloud simply faulty backups. There is a satisfactory workaround so far yet. However, there is probably a slightly cumbersome way, which should provide for a clean record.

Make sure that both iPhone on iOS 9.1 have been updated

First ensure that both iPhones have installed the latest iOS version 9.1. On the original iPhone a fresh backup is then created by iCloud. The new iPhone 6s can then be reset to the factory settings and then be established anew from the previously created backup. Only in this way, an absolutely clean backup should be currently guaranteed. Alternatively, the backup in iTunes can be applied.

Apple itself will have already adopted is the problem, called but still no timetable for a possible fix. Also official workarounds may not offer the iPhone maker yet.

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