Huawei Watch Gets Firmware Update LCB43B

Huawei WatchHuawei has begun to provide a firmware update for the Huawei watch. System version LCB43B it comes with some improvements.

As usual will also be this update in waves spread, quite possible, that’s still not arrived with you. The new version of the system is still not based on Android Marshmallow, has some changes on board. So the microphone to hear now better something, which should lead to the optimized use of “Ok Google”. Continue to the step-tracking has been improved. Here, some users have experienced some massive differences in the counted steps, which should belong to the past now.

The Bluetooth connection process and the accuracy of the sensors has been also improved. Have been added a new app for the display of the charging State and a new Watchface, which users can customize.

I have the Huawei watch currently here, the update is not however yet arrived with me. If it is already there when you report quiet times in the comments to Word.

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