Huawei Watch Firmware Update Download

Since the beginning of the week, it provides a a firmware update for the Huawei watch to download from. The update is still based to on Android wear 1.3, so Android 5.1.1 lollipop. We have to wait so little Marshmallow on Android 6. The build is version called the LCB43B.

Huawei Watch The update is distributed OTA (Over the Air). However – as usual with OTA updates – not all at once, but the update is performed in “Waves”. The update server so after pushing the firmware on the well-known Huawei watches.

Since yesterday, the update but also in Germany seems to arrive. At least, there’s the first experience reports by German Huawei watch users that an update of the firmware will be shown to them. If you want to check whether the update for your Huawei watch is already available, then does the following:

Call settings
Select menu point Info
Select menu item of system updates
You can see your current firmware version under the menu item build number

The update should include the following improvements according to official ChangeLog:

Optimization of the microphone for better “OK Google” detection
Optimization of the fitness tracking for a more accurate display of the steps
Optimization of the Bluetooth routine to the reconnection
New charging Watchface, if the Huawei watch is charged
New Watchface, which can be customized
Sensor optimizations

If the update still not showing to you, then you must bring with just a little patience. All Huawei watches with the update OTA should be supplied in the next few days.

As you of course know us – and as we know our impatient reader ? – we have the update for you to download. Because you can update also the Huawei watch locally.

You will receive all the necessary files for this purpose on our new Huawei watch download page. Here you can find also the images of stock (boat, recovery, System) the firmware LCA49B – that the extradition would have to be firmware to our knowledge. With these images you can revert to the original state of the Huawei watch with adb; for example, if you used a custom kernel or had installed instead of the original recovery TWRP recovery.

You are with your Huawei watch in its original condition, you will need only the OTA update LCB43B.

Download LCB43B OTA Update

Proceeds as follows:

copy downloaded folder of ADB tools
Start ADB tools
in the command window, type: adb reboot bootloader
in the boot loader menu select reboot recovery from (a short click on the Crown = selection change, long click = confirm)
in the recovery menu by swypen select the sideload option down and left / right to select swypen
in the command window, type: adb sideload

You see now how the update will be transferred to the watch. Then restart the Huawei watch and you indicates that an update is performed. This process is complete, you have the latest firmware on your Huawei watch.

Happy flashing and have fun with the update!


Manual update is performed at your own risk! We have tested the procedure itself and can verify it. Anyway please only then executes this method when you know what you’re doing and are you aware that something could go wrong.

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