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Huawei ShotX Two weeks Huawei ShotX test are around and it’s time to draw a conclusion, and to tell you about my experiences. Huawei has presented a very special device with the ShotX. Namely, the device has a swivel camera! The device is already available in China. There it is sold through the subsidiary brand as honor 7i however. At first glance you may think the Huawei ShotX is just for Selfie crazy of teens, but not so. Why the Smartphone may be something for the normal user, you read that into my Huawei ShotX review.
Technical data

Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 616 (64 bit octa-core 1.5 GHz)
Graphics: Adreno GPU 405
Software: Android 5.1.1 lollipop + EMUI 3.1
Internal memory: 16 GB
Memory: 2 GB
Display: 5, 2″ full HD (1920 * 1080px, 424ppi) IPS
Dimensions: 141.6 x 71.2 x 7.8 mm
Weight: 156 g
Camera: 13MP, swiveling
Battery: 3100 mAh


A few days ago, there was already a little hands-on Yes from me report, including video to the Huawei ShotX.

One thing I didn’t mention in the video: The Huawei ShotX comes in a solid plastic packaging, in which the surface was Gummy. You know this type of surface from the Huawei Mate S and who had even a box in his hand can confirm, that feels high quality.

Design jobs

The processing, as mentioned in the video, is very good. The keys have a good pressure point and wiggle on my device not a bit. As a Smartphone with a swiveling camera, you might have also concerns the mechanism, but here, I can definitely give all-clear. The mechanism is made of metal, snaps firmly and not wobble also. Here, Huawei has done really good work.
The design slightly different ways Huawei in the ShotX is as one that normally by Huawei on a Smartphone in the 300-€400 field is used. A Huawei G8 E.g. opts for a unibody enclosure, which consists solely of plastic from the Huawei ShotX. Only the frame, as well as the mechanics of the camera is kept in metal. In my opinion the ShotX feels but still good, and lies above all also comfortably in the hand. It is more roundish designed what ensures a very good touch. A Huawei P8 may be a bit too edgy for some people and is slightly worse in the hand. For a good feel, it needs no aluminum, which can be partly also very slippery in my opinion – that proves the Huawei ShotX.


In hardware, the Huawei ShotX is located more in the middle class. Display dissolves in FullHD, so 1920 * 1080 pixels and uses IPS technology. Thus be accompanied by very good white values and also surprisingly good black levels, and good 424ppi. Technical reasons an AMOLED Panel like in the Huawei Mate S in the black levels is still slightly better. For this, the ShotX can score but with a high brightness and good angles. The Huawei is somewhat negative again noticed typical border around the display. A frameless screen is indicated again, but when you turn a black frame around the display actually falls on. This can slightly better the competition. You should watch generelll press images, because sometimes “gephotoshopt” is here by image processing of the result.
Apart from the display, what to find devices in this form in some high-end, the Huawei ShotX with middle-class hardware.

Powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 616 octa-core (8 * 1.5 GHz) with an Adreno GPU 405 and 2 GB RAM is better equipped the Smartphone for most tasks. The one or the other software update to the general improvement in performance would be still attached, because the Huawei ShotX tends to occasionally used on the homescreen. Especially if you use some widgets, the unit operates noticeably slower sometimes momentarily. Since the hardware should be enough to really potent, I’m here by a software problem that will be fixed soon, I hope. One should keep in mind that this is criticism at a very high level. Generally the everyday performance is very decent and will notice the most buyers probably hardly negative.
Slightly different it then looks at the 3D performance, because here the hardware reaches then but its limits – anyway, if times running asphalt 8 for example on the ShotX.


The software Android 5.1.1 is lollipop used with the EMUI 3.1 manufacturer essay. The software offers most of the features that Huawei’s top models have. Only knuckle-sense is not yet available on the ShotX. Otherwise you have here no restrictions over a mate. Who protects the EMUI so knows, will be found here quickly cope. Who want to know more about the entire function spectrum of the EMUI should look at our EMUI wiki.
Still, it is worth noting that my ShotX had minor problems with the Bluetooth connection. So the connection to my Huawei watch broke off several times a day and also the link to a JBL Xtreme Bluetooth box that I use every day, was not entirely stable. The smartphone combines may restart automatically after a short time, this issue has disturbed – hear me especially with the music.

Fingerprint scanner

The fingerprint scanner sits at Huawei for the first time on the side and overlooks happy times in conjunction with the ShotX. I made a small video where I show you how the fingerprint scanner has worked and how he liked General.

Huawei ShotX test – conclusion


The Huawei ShotX is not only something for teenies who love to shoot Selfies! You must simply say that. I keep the swivel camera for a nice feature and a high quality of Selfies and of course also for normal images is given also in any case. Since I’m not the biggest fan of Selfie, I have but largely ignored this feature and focused on the rest, because the Huawei ShotX has far more to offer than the swivelling camera. There a good display, which does not need to hide behind a Huawei P8. Also noticed positive and seems very stable. I can not understand tests reported in those of a shaky camera, on my test unit. The highlight is the battery that offers really impeccable runtimes for me though. What you must remember of course also always bear in mind is the price of €349, which is very competitive in the performance.


The Huawei ShotX shows small weaknesses but (still) in the software. So there are occasionally used on the homescreen and even the Bluetooth connection is not always stable. Here is patched but certainly with a software update yet.

Final word

The Huawei ShotX is suitable also for the normal user, who daily uses Instagram and shoots dozens Selfies, because the ShotX can do far more than that. Overall the Smartphone in our Huawei ShotX test has convinced and I pronounce a clear purchase recommendation.

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