Huawei P8 Marshmallow Android 6.0 Download

Huawei P8 Android Marshmallow
We reported a while back that soon there will be a Huawei P8 Beta Test for Android 6.0. Shortly afterwards came also the Information that there is a Huawei P8 Beta-Test in Germany. Germany was so far still not so much in the limelight, when it comes to a new Software. And now it goes blow on blow. The first Beta installations were OTA distributed, and we thus have the possibility to also you this Version as a Download to offer. but now there is the Huawei P8 Marshmallow Android 6.0 Beta Download for all our readers.

The firmware update besides the update to Android 6.0 is still EMUI 4.0 with roll out. With EMUI receives in addition to the improvement of the SystemUI and the settings of a professional camera mode indent on the Huawei P8. Huawei itself is currently strong a step in the direction of faster software development. Took the Update to Android 5 in parts, a little bit longer, is Huawei with Android 6 in case of many devices with one of the first, which the Software plays.

The Update is the OTA file, which is not only in Germany, but also in Romania, Spain, France and Italy.

Download OTA-GRA-L09C432B313

The Update has a size of 1.18 GB, which is not just small and has the “GRA-L09C432B200” as a prerequisite. It is the Update file, which also OTA is distributed, so should be no problems exist. There are also some voices, that is very positive of the speed surprised. We will be the Update but yet for you to test yourself. It is important as I said to note that there is currently still a Beta Software, and thus to all the willing Beta-Tester.

The Installation is actually quite simple, you download the file on your P8, and then copies them into the “dload” folder on your memory. If you have a “dload” folder on the device have created a at the highest level in your directories. Then there is simply the file into the copy.

Then you have in your “update program” a “Local Update” option. You should then the just copied file is to be displayed. Follow the instructions on the Display and you should, after a installation phase, the new operating system on your P8. During the update, the device starts up at least 2 new times, please bring them here so have some patience with.

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