Huawei P8 Android Marshmallow – Huawei is looking for beta testers

Huawei has announced on his Spanish Facebook page that Huawei P8 owner finds that the new Android 6.0 test and report bugs. Probably will have the marshmallow-update with the latest EMUI version 4.0, so that thorough tests are particularly important.

Huawei P8 Android Marshmallow

Huawei P8 Android Marshmallow

Huawei P8 Android 6.0 Marshmallow beta test in Spain

This message of course very pleased, was always the size of criticism of Huawei but the slow update policy. But it praised improvement and it seems Huawei keeps Word.

The update for the honor of 7, of Huawei’s subsidiaries honor was announced some weeks ago and is now the P8’s turn.

So anyone who would like to test Marshmallow for the P8 and help improve the final version must send an email with your IMEI to
You can get your IMEI by you just * # 06 # into the keypad of the phone app press.

We also have reported to us for the test and hope to be accepted as a participant. In this case we will ask of course here the beta firmware available.

Should any of you are lucky enough to get the beta firmware before us, then download the update but before it executes it, you should save it to the SD card and send it to us.

Note: Should you need your P8 and have also no replacement available, should you think you carefully about whether a beta test is right for you, because it still errors can be included, which make difficult the normal use.

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