Huawei P8 – Android 5.1.1 – EMUI 3.1 – B350 (Beta) – Update

With the latest firmware B350 a new update is available for the P8 recently again. It is a consequence firmware for the beta version B191. The B350 based on Android 5.1.1. works like this and EMUI 3.1. Which has a Marshmallow-update, hopes will be sadly disappointed.
Huawei P8 Update
The update requires the B191 and can be performed only by this as the basis. The B350 includes some bug fixes.

First feedback according to these bug fixes also for almost all users are successful.


The B350 eliminated following error:

  • The dual display of notifications on the lock screen has been fixed.
  • The TouchPlus settings are back, if they were activated before the B191. The display in the settings is still missing.


As always, you have to extract the “dload” folder from the zip file / unzip it and copy it to the root directory of the P8. Then you can start the update via update program-> local update.


Please note:

  • Of of B170 coming the update B191 must be made first.
  • Caution, it is still a beta firmware and may therefore contain errors. The update is done at your own risk.
  • TRWP and root are no longer possible


B350 Android 5.1.1 EMUI 3.1 (download from mega)


Should occur despite the updates still error you can try the following:

  • You can play a backup that was created using the internal backup function. (Of course only if the error at the time of the backup was not.)
  • You can reinstall corrupted apps
  • You can reset his device to the factory State. Beforehand but be sure to make a backup and save on an SD card or other external drive (USB flash drive, laptop, PC).
  • Who has the B191 can download it here. Beta firmwares are too risky, who is here with the B200, the latest stable version.

Source: XDA-Developers

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