Huawei Nexus 6P Available

The Huawei is now available in the Google Play Store Nexus 6P!

After the recent news about the nexus 6 p were not quite so positive, the device now at least also with us in Germany is officially available through the Google play store. Both the 32 GB variant, as are also the version with 64 GB available colours as available – “leaves the warehouse in 1-2 business days” – shown. The 32 GB version is available in the colours aluminium and graphite; the 64 GB version also in Crystal white colour.

Huawei Nexus 6P
The 128 GB version – also available – is still not available in all three color options and is called “Available soon” specified. Here patience is probably still announced.

The 32 GB version costs 649 euros, the 64 GB version 50 euro more, so 699 euro. The not yet available version with 128 GB hits stores with 799 euros. A bargain as to the past therefore probably no longer are the Google devices nexus.

Ordered you to do you get a current Google Chromecast worth 39 euros on the play store up to the 08.12.2015 as a “Goodie”.

The Huawei is listed also at other retailers nexus 6 p. Here, the 64 is primarily offered GB version in graphite and aluminum. The price is the same as the play store offer. The delivery time is specified here but little longer at the current stage. A bundle with the Chromecast is currently not included here as well.

Who not afraid of the recent messages to the problems with the broken glass and the allegedly poor quality of conversation can be, should strike probably quickly, as it quickly came on sale in the United States to supply problems. The delay in the launch in Germany also was probably due to that one has worked on these problems and repaired.

Who is not quite so impatient, should possibly wait in this country look like the user experience.

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