Huawei Mate 7 Firmware Update Fixes SIM Card Problem

Huawei Mate 7
For two days in a rolls Huawei a new Firmware Update for the Huawei Ascend Mate 7. The Update comes Over-the-air to the Smartphone and should be available in the next few days, all owners of a Mate 7. There are new Features and the problems with the last Version aufgetauchts are fixed.

The Update with the designation MT7-L09C900B331 is also based on Android 5.1.1 Lollipop with the Huawei interface EMUI 3.1. It also has a comparatively small size of 58.5 MB. In addition to the elimination of some problems, there are also a couple of new Features for Mate-7-users.

New is the Smart-Screenshot-function: double tap the screen with the knuckles makes it possible to make a Screenshot.
The setting makes it possible to have the navigation bar hide, Version B331 again. For some Firmware Updates before this setting was once again gone.
Lower Power Consumption
Higher System Stability
The problems of the reception of WhatsApp messages has been fixed.
The Problem with the detection of the SIM-card should belong to the past.

The latter issue reported by some users that the Mate 7 arbitrarily, the SIM card is no longer detected and the PIN is re-entered to be had. This Problem is supposed to to specific SIM readers have located. This SIM reader is not from Huawei, or other vendors itself produced, but as a component part purchased. This explains why only a part of the Mate 7 owners affected by this Problem.

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