Huawei Mate 7 Firmware Update B331 (Download) EMUI 3.1.1

Yesterday, Huawei rolled out a new firmware update for the Huawei Mate 7 (review). The update OTA will be provided (over the air) and should arrive in the next few days for all mate 7 users.

Huawei Mate 7 The firmware update is called MT7-L09C900B331. It is still based on Android 5.1.1 lollipop and surface EMUI 3.1 has the Huawei.

Despite the small size of only 58.5 MB’s not merely is update according to official changelog a bugfix, but’s new features and security patches will be added. Newin is screenshot function with which you can create a screen shot by double tapping of the screen with the knuckles smart.
According to my memory, this function was already available in the firmware B324.

The update will also all those who had problems with the final lollipop firmware B324 are happy. So, some users had difficulties with the reception by WhatsApp messages, although the app in the Boot Manager and as a protected app was enabled. It is unclear why this problem occurred only with some users.

After initial feedback in forums the problem with the detection of the SIM card should be fixed. It was quite many users the phenomenon, that the mate 7 had arbitrarily no longer recognized the SIM card. It fell users only when on the display the prompt to the second PIN input was. Here, it seems that a certain SIM reader was affected. This SIM-reader is not itself produced by Huawei – or other manufacturers -, but purchased as a component of various suppliers. This also explains why not all mate 7 devices with firmware B324 were affected. So, for example, we were spared also fortunately by this very annoying problem.

Continue to power consumption and system stability is optimized according to the change log. Almost by default, these points are in the ChangeLog. Here, I must say that I was ever so happy with any other device in the power and stability, such as with the mate of 7. But okay, if it’s supposedly even better, then I will not complain of course; Although I doubt that I notice here in fact something noticeable in practice.

A popular setting comes back again with the firmware update B331, namely the possibility to hide the navigation bar. A function that obviously don’t like Google and the (ostensibly) disappears again from the firmwares and then but sometime back comes. But here don’t want I to ponder, but glad that this option is available at last officially and without root.


Source: Huawei Facebook Group

Who got the firmware B331 still not OTA and want to wait any longer, can as usual with us download the update from here and install a local update. Personal data, settings or user apps are this update not deleted.

Your feedback – especially in terms of the SIM problem – we would be very pleased about.

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