Huawei in the future with Samsung displays?

Next year its display suppliers, Huawei switch a report, which, is the Korean TechNews page of DIGITIMES result.

Huawei Samsung Displays

Samsung display instead of JDI

Huawei MediaPad X2Der Chinese Smartphonehersteller continued his mid-range and high-end smartphones until now almost exclusively on the Japan-based display OEM JDI. A part of the purchasing volume to 2016 will be awarded to Samsung display, should provide the panels for the above device classes. In particular pressure on prices and production capacities are speculated as reasons.

The price of the devices is one of the key strategies of Huawei. High-quality products at a very reasonable price have contributed in the past to Huawei in the last two years as the big winner at the world Smartphonemarkt is valid and has achieved outstanding growth rates. To maintain this trend, looking to savings opportunities in purchasing the components again.

Another reason for the change or the shift could be the growing partnership between JDI and Apple. Here, it would probably prevent page from Huawei as the iPhone manufacturer from Cupertino has greatly increased its orders for JDI for 2016. , As they occurred more than two years ago at the Huawei Ascend P6, there should no longer be possible supply bottlenecks so. Huawei wants to grow significantly in the next few years and with Samsung display drawn a supplier that can produce large batches on land.

Overall, the change to Samsung is an interesting move that leaves space for speculation. Samsung is a major manufacturer of AMOLED displays, which of course raises the question as you know…

After the Ascend P1, the this year’s Google Phablet was again equipped nexus 6 p with a panel with this technology. Previously, Huawei has used in the past mostly on IPS-LCD display. AMOLED seems basically in next year to enjoy a second spring. In addition to Huawei AMOLED displays are also at the Chinese competitors oppo, OnePlus and Meizu increasingly used.

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