Harry Styles now finally gets a beard?

Much has happened in the last five years, but one has not changed: Harry styles face is smooth as ever and ever. But this could be during the one direction pause now maybe different are: clear stubble are emerging on Hazzas face!

Five years ago, she knew no one, today is world stars: a lot has changed for the boys of one direction. You have experienced a lot, seen many countries in this world, and have risen in the League of A prominence. Only one thing has not changed: Harry Styles has still no beard. It notes the 1D singer again in interviews, because somehow he would also love to a few hairs in the face. But there is still hope!

A beard?

Beards are indeed totally trendy for men. Even more stupid when the natural conditions do not allow one to decorate your own face with hair. When Harry Styles for example the beard will simply not quite sprout – until now! On a photo in close-up emerging namely quite clearly, that there is definitely the potential: beard stubble of one can have direction-star ever! Maybe he dares in the break to trial time grow the stubble when he is no longer in the limelight all the time available, one can be curious!

Harry Styles Beard

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