Ford is Testing Autonomous Driving in Artificial City

Ford tests its fusion hybrid autonomous research vehicle in the miniature city MCITY. On the test site of the University of Michigan, opened in July all conceivable situations in everyday traffic can be simulated.

Ford is Testing Autonomous Driving

As the first car manufacturer Ford tests an autonomous vehicle into a model city for its own cars. The test environment called “Mcity” the Universiy of Michigan (UoM) was opened in July 2015. Ford sends its fusion hybrid autonomous research vehicle (FHARV) on the streets of the artificial city with an area of 13 hectares.

Simulate traffic everyday

The miniature city to can simulate all possible situations in everyday traffic. For this purpose, the same surface as not everywhere covering the ground. A tunnel and a wire mesh to cause disruptions to the positioning and the data connection. House fronts are made of different materials that could result in the sensor system with their respective reflection properties in misleading.

The joint project of the UoM and the Michigan State Department of transportation is located near Detroit, far from Silicon Valley. One of the sponsors of the industry is Ford, which has its headquarters just around the corner. Ford FHARV is equipped with cameras, radar and LiDar sensors. While the automaker can test his own technique, is also a full 3D mapping of the artificial city.

A similar, but much larger project represents the former Concord naval weapons station. The site, previously a military base of the U.S. Navy, is now managed under the name of GoMentum station. It should interest especially companies from the nearby Silicon Valley, but also Mercedes-Benz holds licenses for the use of the test area.

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