Firmware update makes Microsoft’s game console Xbox one backward-compatible

Microsoft will begin on Thursday, Nov. 12, with the distribution of a major firmware update for its Xbox one. It brings a treaded surface and the game console makes backward-compatible, so also Xbox-360 titles to play.

The new system software, which Microsoft called “New Xbox One Experience”, is based on the kernel of Windows 10. She makes extensive changes to the UI. For example, simplifies the menu structure by the nested submenus disappear. The console displays frequently used apps and favourite games in the future on the home page. Vertical scrolling can browse game collection and content pinned on.


The most important innovation will be backward compatibility for many users but. By she emulates the operation system of the Xbox 360, the Xbox one Windows 10 can play also the older generation of console.

This functionality was announced mid-June Microsoft already on the E3 Gaming Convention. “When you start a game on Xbox one backward compatibility, then see that the game loads a virtual Xbox 360 first, and then the title”, explained at the time.

Digital titles that is compatible with Microsoft to appear in future in the area “Ready to install” on the Xbox one. The console automatically loads games that exist as optical disk on the hard disk after inserting the disc. Then the disk to play must remain on the drive. Popular features of the Xbox one, for example, storing screenshots and short video clips and live streaming of game sessions via twitch, also available for the Xbox 360 titles available.

Microsoft needs individually to revise each game according to own statements so that it runs in the emulated Xbox 360 console. The list of compatible titles includes 104 games to start on November 12. Including success title there like Fallout 3, assassin creed II, Borderlands and the entire gears-of-war series. From December will then regularly more games are added. Are earmarked about Halo reach, Halo Wars, call of duty: black OPS 1 and the Bioshock series. In principle, all Xbox 360 titles that become available after November 12 about games with gold will be playable on the Xbox one.

It is not the first time that Microsoft strives for compatibility with older games. An emulator even allowed to use original Xbox games on the Xbox 360. Featured Xbox one to switch over to the may 2013 as “Media Center for the living room” wants to move with the new starting Microsoft customers who adhere to the previous model due to an extensive collection of game.

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