Europe Release of Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Samsung Galaxy Note 5
When Samsung introduced the Galaxy in August 2015 grade 5 and the Galaxy S6 edge +, the joy was great. This joy was taken one but soon, because the Galaxy did note 5 Europe and Germany, respectively. Reason for this was that the S of pen here in Germany do not according to Samsung is so often used as in other countries. Therefore we wanted to focus more on the Galaxy S6 edge +. In the past, but again, there were rumors that planning a market launch in Europe of Samsung. But in the direction you heard less and less lately. Now, a blog on appeal a trusted Samsung source said that a launch of the Galaxy rated 5 in Europe for end of January 2016 plan the South Korean company. Apparently, man has responded to the numerous complaints.

Of course, this market start for the holiday shopping season would be much too late. Personally, I am still somewhat skeptical. Because a market start end of January 2016 would be quite late for end of February 2016 is already the Galaxy S7 at MWC in Barcelona and S7 edge expected. Samsung would do no favor in such a short launch of two devices with security. Of course is not yet known what the Galaxy rated 5 in Europe then will cost. What do you think? Would Europe look forward release?

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