Drupe Android Application Test

This app organized way, as you interact with business partners and friends, and brings together all of your contacts and communications apps. (free, without in-app purchases)

Drupe Screenshot

After installation, you must undergo a short tutorial that explains the operation. Permanent points displayed on the screen enable a list of your most important contacts at the tap.

You can’t throw a contact with drag and drop on the symbols displayed on the right side of the screen to contact him with this program. If you, for example, vybern like a photo your companion, you pull your photo on the SMS icon. A call to a colleague sets you off by his likeness on the telephone icon moves.

Drupe arranges the list of contacts on the basis of the communication frequency: during our tests the program automatically realized who was important to the author of these lines. You touch often addressed people by hand in a group together, that are contacted with a click.

A wiping gesture from right to left will take you to the list of interaction. Drupe there lists the various Nachrichtenaustäusche after time criteria. You can see in this way immediately, who when and how has contacted you in the past.

This rather pointless at first glance feature proves to be as useful as one often forgets whether entered into an important message by Vyber, WhatsApp or a classic E-Mail.

Drupe promises economical programming in the description of the app. During our tests, the product turned out to be stable, the four points appearing on the screen are not too distracting.

You can found this application on Google Play. Drupe is an app that saves social contemporaries clicks and time. If you primarily use your Android Smartphone to communicate, she saves some minutes this app per day.

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