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Barcelona “Got You a Dance” to Real Madrid at Home

Real Madrid could not before the Barcelona. (Photo: Getty Images)

El clásico of Spanish soccer lived all give, since the Barcelona did something very rarely seen, ‘destroyed’ to Real Madrid at home by a convincing 4-0 in what was the best performance of Andrés Iniesta, Luis Suárez and Brazilian Neymar. Barcelona controlled the match until a mistake of Gerard Piqué,… Read more »

Real Betis vs Atletico Madrid: Date, Ttime and Channel of the Party

Juan Vargas could reappear with Real Betis. (Photo: Getty Images)

Real Betis, where is the Peruvian Juan Vargas, and Atletico Madrid will faces from the 12th date of the Spanish League. The match between Seville and Madrid will start at 14:30 from Peru and will be broadcast live on ESPN2 signal, (042 and 506 – channel Movistar TV, channel 621… Read more »