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Apple Smart Battery Cases for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6

Apple Smart Battery Case

New from Apple, which sell now also under his own label “smart battery cases for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6”-so housing with integrated battery. Inside, the iPhone is protected by a Microfiber lining and cleaned and the folding designs made of soft elastomer the case should can be easily attached… Read more »

Mozilla Brings Focus a Content Blocker for Safari

Focus Firefox

Mozilla still own money with advertising in the browser – the current project of the self-proclaimed Web change but goes in a different direction. Focus by Firefox is fun and it blocks ads on Web pages that were called within Safari on the iOS platform under certain circumstances. Mozilla justified… Read more »

App Store: “Super Denoising” Now Free!

Super Denoising

The OS-X-photo software to reduce image noise can relate currently free instead of 25 usd. Effectmatrix currently gives away the Mac application “Super Denoising“: it is available now for the first time as a free download on the Mac app store, previously the price was 10 euros. Super Denoising to… Read more »

Panasonic “Post Focus”: Firmware update for subsequent focusing

With the post-focus function photographers to choose afterwards sharpness levels of a subject from a 4K-Fotoserie. Image: Panasonic

Panasonic get more features for photographers out of his 4K-Technik. After a firmware update they can sharpen the mirrorless system cameras GX8 G70 and the Superzoomer FZ300 quasi subsequently. After a firmware update dominate the mirrorless system cameras GX8 and G70 and the bridge camera FZ300 the function “Post Focus”,… Read more »

Leica S: Firmware update will improve autofocus and white balance

Photo Source: Leica.

Now a firmware update to download is available for registered owners of a Leica S (type 007), which aims to improve speed and accuracy of the auto focus also in bad light. More software updates to improve the workflow. The Wetzlarer manufacturer has provided an update for the Leica S… Read more »