Bloodborne: Announced Date for the League Update

The action role-playing game “Bloodborne”, which was released in March of this year for the PlayStation 4 receives not only an extension, but also as a comprehensive update in a few days. In preparation for the expansion “the old hunters”, the new territories, bosses and weapons with them will bring the from software developer will release an update, which brings some features.

Among other things, the League feature is integrated with the players in a group can join to hunters, who call themselves just “the League”. Thus, you can attack other players under the arms and compete in the online rankings. Also you can summon also a co-op NPC that will also facilitate a life.

Now officials have announced a date for the update, which should therefore appear on 20 November. The extension “the old hunters” followed, however, at a price of around 39 dollars on November 24.

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