Architecture Plugins for SketchUp

SketchUp has become a very popular program among architects. First of all, it is mainly used in the design process dotted – finally, it was also called “3D Sketch tool” developed. Yet it has by not least due to its intuitive method of operation also in other areas such as technical design but also the architectural visualization enforced.

With a reason is probably the simple Funktionserweiterbarkeit by external Plugins. Of these, I would like you today in the second part of the series “SketchUp Plugins for architects” again a few imagine. If the first part changes have a look at the best over here:

Soap Skin & Bubble Plugin for open spaces

This plug-in supports a in SketchUp for the 3D design of the vaults, Hängekonstruktionen etc It is relatively simple to apply and the results are really good!

Vray in SketchUp for Renderings

After a plug-in for modeling is my favorite Plugin when it comes to rendering: Vray. While it takes some training time, but the Changes in the SketchUp Vray Version 2.0 have significantly to the simplification contributed to what even beginners simplify.

SketchUp Render

Vray provides a number of tools. Starting from the Material Editor to the exposure tools.

Below a Screenshot of the material editor. You can see that he is from the SketchUp internal Editor is different. There are more varied options such as reflections and Refractions as well as different effects to Materialerzeugung (noise, Cellular, etc). Also settings for different metering modes, such as VrayLight or Vray HDRI can be found here.

In the “Options Editor” you will find all the settings of the Vray in store at a glance. As an experienced User, you can here the settings for photo-realistic Renderings to customize and optimize it – but as a beginner, one is here at first glance may be rather overwhelmed. Practically here is that Vray already with different presets for the common needs comes along and you are therefore not too much to take care of it when you must not be really the last get will.

Architecture Exterior scene with exposing

The different parameter sets are, in my opinion, for many scenes, really useful. Whether it is for interior exposures, or even the Dusk. Here, you will get in no time a new Look in his scene and can have different atmospheres to try and test.

Shaderlight – Simple SketchUp Rendering Plugin

In addition to Vray, I can tell you even as an alternative Rendering Engine for SketchUp Plugin Shaderlight” recommend. It comes with less complex options therefore what one to get you started. Here you have access to size, quality, Background, or even scenes, and the exposure type.

The default settings already provide actually quite good results! However, it is also the difference to the fotorealischen Renderings seen one with Vray create can. There is simply less control over the overall outcome but was with the visual Look arrange. But for most Users, this should also be completely sufficient, so that you Shaderlight in any case, should look at times!

As you probably already know, there are really tons of SketchUp Plugins out there. I have now just a few selected that I like to work. It is also important always to see that one with its Plugins be SketchUp doesn’t support operation overloading. Some Plugins are resource intensive and have special requirements, so you still can work properly. Just when SketchUp starts, the Plugins loaded, leading to a significant delay can result.

Hope the article has made you tempted to have one or the other SketchUp plug-in into your process with architectural visualization, or modeling to about the middle.

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