Android 6 Marshmallow: HTC One

The new HTC one A9 is the first HTC model with the new Android Marshmallow. Reason enough to take the successor of Android lollipop examine. The new operating system brings although no obvious design changes with it, that immediately after the update the user fall into the eye. Nevertheless, it has many improvements and several new features in the luggage.

Android Marshmallow

One of the biggest innovations in Android is 6.0 Marshmallow Google now in tap, a feature that the users have the opportunity to access a variety of information at any time. Is the home button is pressed, the operating system analyzes the current screen contents and displays automatically matching based on Google data, further information. The contextual search is new and now also retains the current screen contents in the head, when you start a voice search. You peeps watching a video or look at photos, you can ask Google to the topic and context-related answers. The two functions are currently only available when they hired English as the system language. In this country the users still on the next update must wait, for the German Android market, the developers still busily attach the last screw.

New privilege system ensures more privacy

With Android 6.0 Marshmallow introduces finally permission system Google, with just start as a user, what apps are allowed and which accesses do not get them. Could one has the necessary permissions of an app only when you install agree, applications under Android 6.0 now ask when first accessing personal information explicitly for permission. Want an app for the first time to determine the current location or take advantage of the camera, you will be informed and can allow the app to access or prohibit. Has already been granted permissions can be see at any time in the settings and retake on request.

Doze feature extends battery life

Another big change is the battery life, which is still a problem on many Smartphones, so the device practically every night to the socket must be. With Android 6.0 takes Google of the issue and has implemented several methods with which the Smartphone to do longer without outlet. The doze mode, which disables certain processes and queries in the background once the Smartphone is not used for a long time plays a large role. Google has sworn the HTC and other producers on the new feature and app maker is obliged to support it. In practice, as a stand by mode is implemented, which aims to significantly extend the battery life. Important notifications and some system services are not affected by the doze-mode. You must not worry so, that important news of the saving victim fall. More info about Marshmallow go!

New OS supports fingerprint sensors and Android pay

Even if some Smartphones have already for a long time with fingerprint sensors, Android 6.0 supports the function only also natively. The new version of Android developers offered an appropriate interface the fingerprint sensors now within the operating system and above all also within apps could be used to. In connection with the native support of fingerprint sensors is also Android pay, the payment service by Google, which is also part of the new version 6.0 Marshmallow. However, Android pay will be available in the United States.

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