Android 6.0.1: Tons of new Emojis

Google rolls out Android 6.0.1 and introduces hundreds of new Emojis. The new Version also contains a new Feature as well as a number of important security fixes and applies a Security Update the month of December.

Android 6.0.1 with new Emoticons

The latest Version of Android, you would first get the Nexus devices from Google. The manufacturer distributes them wirelessly via the built-in update function of the corresponding models. Until other manufacturers like Samsung, HTC and Sony follow suit, should habitual some time to pass.

The manufacturer introduces some new Emoticons, and revised others. Overall, the Look is now more consistent and focused more on the “human” yellow symbols. In the Google keyboard, there are now ten instead of seven riders for Emoticons. Are new about the symbols hug, a thoughtful face, Nerd face (with glasses), faces with Thermometer, Association, or Bank notes.

Android vs. iOS: Which are the current Emojis.

Android vs. iOS: Which are the current Emojis.

The new Emojis are on the Google keyboard in Android 6.0.1 available. An Update to the keyboard in Android 5 is not enough, unfortunately, needs a complete Firmware Update. Use other Apps but some also other Emoticons, the the System-Emoticons of iOS match and in our opinion, more elegant look: These include the WhatsApp.

New in Android Version 6.0.1 is a revised mode for “No interruptions”, you can now not only a Timer for the Lautlosfunktion set, but also determine that the cell phone until the next Alarm is silent. According to ArsTechnica, there was this Feature already in Android 5.1, but not in Android 6.0. HTC One X+ with CyanogemMod 12.1 (alias of Android 5.1) is missing the Option, however.

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